“All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

I wouldn’t say that my thoughts have ever been great, but I will say that I see the best in myself when my feet hit the pavement.

Today was a day full of endless possibility. My Chem lab ended a mere thirty minutes after it had begun, and as I walked out the door, I felt completely content. I had no plans, no commitments, so I decided to turn on an audiobook and wander around the Tech campus. I found myself walking towards the fields, where there was a Running 101 class, and as I walked past the joggers, some dangerously close to a black-out, I had a thought. “Does the ground know I’m here?”

Yes, this thought may seem stupid and, obviously, not very great, but I was intrigued by this thought nonetheless. Why was I giving the ground feelings, you ask? Besides the fact that I often do this with inanimate objects, I felt connected to the earth in my enjoyment of the pretty day, and as I walked on under trees and over roots, I could feel the life around me. The trees rustled, the birds sang, the sun shined, and I was completely happy to walk through their performance. Walking brings me closer to the earth I’m tied to, and my feet greet a friend every time they touch the ground.

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