Hounds in Head

I have become completely obsessed with a rescue Basset Hound named Burt. He is beyond perfect for me. The only thing keeping me from driving off to Mineral Wells, TX and picking him up is the fact that I live in a dorm. I just stare at his happy smile on google images while imagining our life together: daily walks at the park, playdates with Daisy Mae (my best friend’s basset hound), and cuddles on the couch.

While looking into other rescue adoptions, I began to notice a trend. The dogs were either mixed breed strays or they were abandoned by their owners. I always thought that rescues were mostly for stray animals, but the more I looked, the more I realized that the animals there had just been dumped by careless owners. Its heartbreaking! I understand now why people are so against breeding puppies. There are already so many beautiful, loving animals available (for 1/3 of the price)! I’m so ready to hit-up my local animal shelter, its not even funny.

Other than my obsessive dog searching, I spent today trying to catch up on sleep and homework, and I did both rather successfully. The more I work on my animal science class, the more I struggle with my future plans. I have never wanted anything other than to become a vet, but facing the prospect of a Meat Science class next semester (gag), I just don’t know how I’m feeling about mixing animals and my love for design. Lord knows I would love to own my own home goods store that doubles as a coffee shop/ patisserie. Oh and lets not forget my hope of becoming a famous blogger! I am all over the place with my future, but I think that the most viable option is to get a degree in Animal Science and go on to Vet School, while working on my blogging. It all takes time.

I can’t help but hear my father’s voice in my head. He struggles with an unconscious money-obsessed attitude , and I guess that makes sense when you’re a neurosurgeon! It’s not his fault, of course, and I wouldn’t be living the way I am today without his diligence, but still, there’s a difference between driven and obsessed. I just know that, where I’m concerned, I am content with the circumstances I have. I buy my own clothes, I ebay bid like a fiend, and I earn money where I can. I am not a high-strung person. I leave that to my mother and sisters. I just don’t want to wake up in twenty years wishing I had chased after my love for design and pretty things. I value character and joyfulness more than I value a pair of Jimmy Choos.

So as of now, I will be a proud Basset Hound owner, a coffee shop entrepreneur, a design blogger, and a eco-chic diva with a house and garden straight out of English Home Magazine. I think that works, don’t you?

Here’s a photo of my youngster, Burt, because why not share his beautiful smile with the world!


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