“You’re out of gloves?!”

Ok, so I am definitely a fan of the winter season. The scarves, mugs full of holiday drinks. I love it all. HOWEVER, the frigid 19 degree weather was not something I expected, seeing that I’m a born and raised Houstonian. For me, winter means bundling up with a fleece jacket, running with an extra long sleeve tee underneath, and putting on riding boots (tights optional). Little did I know that on the plains of Texas, one does not have the option to go tight-less. The wind alone is enough to make a grown man cry, but add the unrelenting cold, and I can’t even. My tears have actually frozen on my eyelashes making the whole situation even more painful, so I’ve since had to fight back the sobs until I reach a warm destination.

Someone should invent a winter coat that holds hot tea in a pouch near the hood. The heat of the tea would warm the wearer’s neck, and the tea would obviously warm the wearer’s body and heart. I’m totally copyrighting this! I guess I could do with a Camelback backpack that holds hot water, as well. Someone needs to write this stuff down. Oh wait..I am.

In other news, my family has recently adopted a precious little nug named Bear. He’s a mix of something poodley, and I can’t resist his curls. I will finally get to meet him next weekend when I get a break from the Lubbock plains and head down to the coast for Thanksgiving. Does anyone else just skip straight to Christmas after Halloween? If so, I totally feel you. How can a turkey compete with the baby Jesus? It’s almost cruel. I can’t really think seriously about it either way. I love to give thanks, don’t get me wrong! I am beyond blessed, and any opportunity to show my love and appreciation is a gift! The Lord is good to me every single day; however, I just don’t enjoy stuffing food down my throat because “that’s what the pilgrims and Indians did.” We actually stole their land and killed them off by the hundreds, but no big deal, we ate a turkey first.

I did find myself a bit disappointed with my holiday attitude while pinteresting in my dorm on Tuesday. I was actively searching for things to want for Christmas. I was actually looking at other peoples’ wish lists and choosing what I might like. Excuse me, but who the heck does that?! Am I so content that I don’t NEED a single thing, but I just WANT more stuff? My mother said that we wouldn’t get gifts this year, but instead, we would take part in Heifer International. If you haven’t heard of it then I hope you do a bit of research because the idea is amazing! The gist of it is this: You pay for a goat, cow, or other animal, and that animal is given to a family in need in a third-world country. Isn’t that amazing?

I’m so worried about getting the latest Patagonia jacket that I simply FORGOT about all those in need and all the children that have never gotten presents because their families can’t afford them. Think about it for a second because it happens to us all. We are so blessed!! Well, Happy Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, and Holidays!

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