I Paid For Boots in Karma

Technically not stolen seeing how I payed the $30, these boots were screaming my name as I entered BF Exchange. I knew immediately that I had seen them before under the original price of $90, but some crazed human, whom I can only assume requires serious medical attention, gave them up for less than $25. I swooped in and made my purchase with the feeling that I was cheating the universe out of $70 and would soon have to pay my debt through karma. (I later fell up the stairs, so debt=paid)

See them full price here

They are designed by Gap as a clean, classic bootie with enough heel to feel feminine and chic. The heel even makes a pleasant click against tile flooring which is always a plus when investing in a new pair of shoes. People must hear you coming!

I also struck gold in the skirt section of the small store on Bissonet when I found a white, pleated, midi skirt. It falls just below the knee and has a nice twirl to it. I can’t wait to wear this skirt around over the summer. I’ll have to wait until then just out of principle. I should not be able to wear a summer skirt during December, but alas, the weather has yet to change in dear old Houston, TX. Still holding out for a White Christmas? Don’t hold your breath, Houstonians!

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