A Button-down

This post is dedicated to the many loving button-down shirts hanging in my 2×4 foot closet.

I was eleven when my mother first placed a large, men’s shirt in my hands, but little did she know, she had started a love affair that would follow me even now, nine years later.
A good men’s shirt has character. It may be its pattern, thickness, softness, or even its color, but all the greats have that special something.
I love a good flannel shirt. Fit it onto a man with a killer bun and beard, and I am at your service. I am the proud owner of a classic tartan button-down. It originally belonged to my dad, but after taking a liking to one of my J. Crew finds, he traded me for the beauty in plaid.
I pair this top with any solid color pant. I think a black cigarette pant is the perfect canvas for really any men’s shirt because it gives that extra kick of femininity to an outfit that could go butch real fast.
I once owned a faded-red rugby shirt that could have fit an older Winston Churchill quite comfortably. It was large, yes, but it swallowed me with love and warmth. I miss that old character; I think I left it in Scotland when I was running with some cows and got hot (I was 12. I don’t know if that makes running with cows any better, but there you are. Judge me).
I still find shirts stuffed into the bottom of drawers that have my father’s initials monogrammed into the chest, and I wonder how I ever thought I’d get away with that. “Oh, you think this shirt is yours, Dad? No, it belongs to another DMJ. Don’t worry your senile head about it!”
I. Love. Buttons. No, seriously. The action of buttoning something is therapeutic to me. There’s a rhythm there that soothes me and makes me feel prepared for anything. I understand where tough businessmen derive their power, and I feel like I understand and am part of the code. Small-minded people may say that a tie can make or break a man, but all of us inside the loop understand the power behind the buttons. It’s comfy armor, man, and that’s all I’ll say about that.
How I feel when I wear a button-down?
I feel like a woman; a strong, man-commanding, free woman, and it feels awesome.

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