Things I Need Pt. 2

Part 2: the sweetness of this circular food.

I dump my coins on the counter, desperately searching for 80 cents in the array of dimes, nickels, and pennies. I hand over my change, and  with a look of triumph on my face, I choose the most colorful donut I spy. Instantly, I am transported to a brighter and more colorful world. I can only describe it as the equivalent of Dorothy stepping into Oz for the very first time, but instead of munchkins, I get sweet, fried, bready goodness. I feel like a five year old on a Sunday morning trip to Shipley’s donuts with my family. Abby, my older sister, always ordered the powdered sugar donut even though she wore it for the better part of the day, while Emma, my younger sister, always ordered the red-iced donut, whose flavor I still can’t figure out (maybe cherry, but it tasted like liquid Benedryll). I inevitably grabbed the pink with sprinkles with a side of chocolate milk. These are the images that flood back to me, and they are so sweet. 

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