Bye, I Guess

Coming to the end of my freshman year at Texas Tech, I am faced with the fact that not only will I never be a freshman again, but I will also never be right here, right now. I’m leaving behind so many amazing people that have taught me so much about myself, the world, and all things Rap-related. I see the girls whom I’ve shared Wall Hall with slowly leaving me behind, and I have cried more tears than I’m proud of. From the random faces I passed in the hall, to the guy on the third floor that plays his violin at 3 o’clock sharp everyday, I have found a little bit of home up here in West Texas, and leaving for good is a heartbreaking prospect.

I’m so mixed up emotionally because I know that I will be happier at Baylor, but leaving behind so many friendships is not only frustrating but cruel. These girls were my family for nine months! I went to Shelby and Memory with all my frustrations, Emily with all my tears, and Kierstyn with all my insecurities. They know me, truly know me, and leaving that behind is like leaving my family all over again. Emily, thank you for mothering me, Memory, thank you for holding my hand through every crisis. Shelby, thank you for making me brave and pushing me out of the nest. Kierstyn, you are a sister, a mentor, a role model, and I will miss you every hour of every day.  I love you all for just being there. I was blessed beyond words when I chose that empty room on the 5th floor and the amazing Alpha Chi Omega sisterhood.

So, I leave in two days. 48 hours with a bare room and three finals. I miss my sisters and my mom,  Croissant Brioche and the salty girl at the cash register, and my dearest friend, Holly Draper, but all that aside, I will miss dusty weather, loud and kinda scary rap music, the back of Mem’s Jeep, and (I’ll admit it) Texas Tech.

Peace out, Lubbock

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