Bonsai and Banners

Throughout the past week, I have been creating little banners out of old tshirts. Each banner holds a word or saying that means something to me. Some are simple and just say things like “Hi,” but others hold greater messages that are tailored to me. My favorite little creation was this guy:

Each word I chose either describes me now or describes who I hope to be. It’s so simple and yet so real to me in my everyday life. I strive for calm and joy and bravery, and I tend to be a bit quirky all the time. I think these words can sum up who I am at my best and who I strive to be while at my worst.

Today was my last Horticulture Lab. It made me so beyond sad; even to the point that I had to leave without saying goodbye to my TA, Alicia, whom I have loved getting to know this semester. We worked with the art of Bonsai, using little Boxwoods and Juniper trees from the garden. I had so much fun designing my little Juniper, whom I have since named June.

Though I hate to say it, I won’t be going back to the gardens this year, but I got to see them in full bloom:  I MEAN LOOK AT THESE BLOOMS!!


So long, Horticulture. You have helped me see beauty in all growing things, and taught me that time and patience is required to accomplish anything and everything in life.

Thank you,




The Floral Series

With the gardens in full bloom, I couldn’t help but pick until my pockets were full. This series is wrapped around Isaiah 40:6-8, which gives me strength during the dark days. I pressed these flowers in order to keep a piece of their beauty alive. Enjoy them!