Favorite Things: Summer

1. Franco Sarto Clog-

These shoes go with absolutely any style. I haven’t taken them off for weeks! You can wear them with a pair of cropped jeans or a breezy sundress. Either way, you’ll love the way these shoes make every closet decision just that much simpler this summer!

๐Ÿ“ท:ย Franco Sarto Clog

2. Lovely Lace-

I am a strong believer in pretty underwear. There’s something about putting on something truly feminine that just kicks your confidence through the roof! Also, when battling the summer heat, these thinner bralettes will keep you feeling cooler and less constricted! This bralette is from Adore Me (which every woman should be apart of), and I won’t be taking it off until my next one comes in the mail!

๐Ÿ“ท: @brianapash (Quinn Bralette)

3. Group Partner Leaves Pot-

I have been head-over-heels in love with Group Partner pots since high school. I tried desperately to convince my art friends to make one for me, but alas, it takes a bold person to give a pot a pair of boobs. I never found that person, BUT now that I have three jobs (!!!) I can finally get my hands on this little guy (or should I say girl)! She’s fun, hilarious, and beautiful, so you should pop a succulent in there and call it stylish!

๐Ÿ“ท:ย Group Partner Leaves pot

4. Design Lovefest IPhone Case-

Honestly, if Bri Emery designed it, you should know about it! This girl is on fire for all things beautiful and fun. Her line of phone cases are ALL amazing, but if you know me, then you know I have a thing for the confident nude woman, so my pick is “Ladies” by Leah Goren. However, if you feel weird about sporting twenty nude ladies on your phone (no idea why you would), then you should check out her other designs because they all say SUMMER!!!

๐Ÿ“ท:ย Design Lovefest Ladies case

5. The Alissa Clutch-

Simple. Clean. Oh, so soft! The Alissa Clutch has been my obsession for months. It never helps for me to work the accessories counter at Magnolia Market, and this is proof! This bag is the perfect size, style, and overall look for literally any personality. You could be a vocalist straight out of Evanescence and this bag would still work for your style! (Maybe don’t quote me on that…) Style it with simple and classic looks like a white tee and some light wash jeans for the perfect summer go-to!

๐Ÿ“ท:ย Alissa Clutch

6. Design Lovefest for Target Cups-

Ok, you’re really getting a glimpse of my obsession with Bri Emery here. Her simple and fun To-Go cup kits are for sale at Target! And for every pack you buy, one meal is donated to End Hunger! Pretty sweet deal if I do say so myself! So basically, you can Instagram the sunrise and your cup of coffee without being embarrassed of your old thermos, and someone gets to eat a meal they wouldn’t have had otherwise! Yay!

๐Ÿ“ท:ย Yay Paper To-Go cups

7. Stella Perfume-

This perfume is actually Joanna Gaines’ favorite. It’s light and floral, which is perfect for hot summer days when you just need a little help smelling nice! I’ve gotten used to heading to the jewelry table before every shift at Magnolia and giving myself a little spray. What can I say, if Joanna loves it then isn’t all of America going to, too?

๐Ÿ“ท:ย Stella Perfume

These are just 7 of my favorite things for Summer 2016! Thank you for caring about stuff I like! Enjoy the heat (91*), and keep up with me because I love when you do!


The Bag

We’ve seen it. That simple and soft leather purse.ย The Transport Tote. That bag has been racing through my head for the last four years, and I never bought it because it’s nearly $200, and a college kid just can’t swing it. But low and behold, I found a beautiful mockย that looks like an exact replica. Also, an added plus is that the mock is reversible between black and brown. REVERSIBLE. It’s priced at a steal of $48! The black goes with anything and everything, and the brown gives classic contrast. I can’t seem to put it down and for good reason! Grab it while you can. Your wallet and your ego will thank you!

A Button-down

This post is dedicated to the many loving button-down shirts hanging in my 2×4 foot closet.

I was eleven when my mother first placed a large, men’s shirt in my hands, but little did she know, she had started a love affair that would follow me even now, nine years later.
A good men’s shirt has character. It may be its pattern, thickness, softness, or even its color, but all the greats have that special something.
I love a good flannel shirt. Fit it onto a man with a killer bun and beard, and I am at your service. I am the proud owner of a classic tartan button-down. It originally belonged to my dad, but after taking a liking to one of my J. Crew finds, he traded me for the beauty in plaid.
I pair this top with any solid color pant. I think a black cigarette pant is the perfect canvas for really any men’s shirt because it gives that extra kick of femininity to an outfit that could go butch real fast.
I once owned a faded-red rugby shirt that could have fit an older Winston Churchill quite comfortably. It was large, yes, but it swallowed me with love and warmth. I miss that old character; I think I left it in Scotland when I was running with some cows and got hot (I was 12. I don’t know if that makes running with cows any better, but there you are. Judge me).
I still find shirts stuffed into the bottom of drawers that have my father’s initials monogrammed into the chest, and I wonder how I ever thought I’d get away with that. “Oh, you think this shirt is yours, Dad? No, it belongs to another DMJ. Don’t worry your senile head about it!”
I. Love. Buttons. No, seriously. The action of buttoning something is therapeutic to me. There’s a rhythm there that soothes me and makes me feel prepared for anything. I understand where tough businessmen derive their power, and I feel like I understand and am part of the code. Small-minded people may say that a tie can make or break a man, but all of us inside the loop understand the power behind the buttons. It’s comfy armor, man, and that’s all I’ll say about that.
How I feel when I wear a button-down?
I feel like a woman; a strong, man-commanding, free woman, and it feels awesome.

I Paid For Boots in Karma

Technically not stolen seeing how I payed the $30, these boots were screaming my name as I entered BF Exchange. I knew immediately that I had seen them before under the original price of $90, but some crazed human, whom I can only assume requires serious medical attention, gave them up for less than $25. I swooped in and made my purchase with the feeling that I was cheating the universe out of $70 and would soon have to pay my debt through karma. (I later fell up the stairs, so debt=paid)

See them full price here

They are designed by Gap as a clean, classic bootie with enough heel to feel feminine and chic. The heel even makes a pleasant click against tile flooring which is always a plus when investing in a new pair of shoes. People must hear you coming!

I also struck gold in the skirt section of the small store on Bissonet when I found a white, pleated, midi skirt. It falls just below the knee and has a nice twirl to it. I can’t wait to wear this skirt around over the summer. I’ll have to wait until then just out of principle. I should not be able to wear a summer skirt during December, but alas, the weather has yet to change in dear old Houston, TX. Still holding out for a White Christmas? Don’t hold your breath, Houstonians!